Bill Fralic Insurance Services, Inc. Announcements

We are excited to announce that August marks the celebration of Bill Fralic Insurance Services, Inc.’s 25-year anniversary. Bill Fralic started the company in August 1989 with Mike Staines and Ken Walker. From the beginning they had a great business strategy, exceptional customer support, positive attitudes, and total dedication. Working together, we have grown the company into the most respected commercial transportation insurance agency in the country.

As another successful year comes to an end, BFIS is gearing up, in many ways, to better serve our clients. Here is a quick look at the changes you can expect to see within our agency:

•BFIS is excited to announce that we are in the process of going paperless. We know that it is a necessity for a growing company to have the fastest access to information with the ease of information sharing among staff for better client support.

•BFIS continually strives to find ways to give our customers exactly what they WANT – a fast, reliable, easier way to pay. In turn, we are now accepting all major credit cards. We want to do everything we can to make it easier on our clients and we understand that they like the speed, flexibility, and convenience of electronic payments.

In 2015, growth will not be a given; it will be earned.